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“Innovation in the past, tradition in the future”

Becoming part of the Malenchini Wine Club means becoming part of our family, and being able to experience unique and dedicated experiences firsthand. Privileged access will allow you to participate in our private initiatives and to purchase our products at exclusive conditions.
We want to give a face and a name to our most loyal customers and get to know them in depth to better meet their requests.
Building a relationship of trust with you will allow us to constantly improve and renew ourselves to achieve the perfection we aspire to every day.



(0-300 points)


(300-800 points)

Family Member

(over 800 points)

15% off your FIRST online purchase     
Reserved access to our Shop      
Monthly newsletter with information on activities, promotions, and dedicated events   
Quiz "What Malenchini wine are you?" Find out the suitable wine for you   
Preview of the new vintages  
10% discount on EVERY online purchase   
Exclusive gift boxes and special formats   
Dedicated offers on our products   
Dedicated offers on our Wine Experiences   
Complimentary tasting kit and exclusive Malenchini gadgets   

Members of the Malenchini Wine Club accumulate one point for every euro spent on purchases and, based on the points accumulated, they have access to different statuses that offer different levels of exclusivity: 
Explorer, Passionate and Family Member.
Accumulated points have an annual duration and the different levels are renewed for the following year based on the minimum requirements of the single level, which can be combined with multiple purchases.

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