Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Born from the blend of our typical Tuscan varieties of olive trees: frantoio, leccino, pendolino and moraiolo. The maximum time interval between harvesting and crushing is twelve hours. Extravirgin olive oil extraction take place in the absence of oxygen and in cold temperatures. It has a bright green color and an intense perfume, typical of all Tuscan oils.

organic oil

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Production area Antella – Florence

Vineyard extension 40 hectars
Certified organic estate

Soil composition Medium Mixture, tending to clay

Altitude 200-300 metres above sea level

Olive variety Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo and Pendolino

Process The pressing of the olives takes place within 12 hours from the picking

Harvest Manual and mechanical


Fruity Very intense

Bitterness Intens and persistant

Spicyness Intens

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